By using the BlowApp platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The platform is intended for two types of users: Promoters and Advertisers. Promoters are users who consent to post Campaigns submitted by Advertisers, on their WhatsApp Status. Advertisers submit Campaigns for Promoters to post on their WhatsApp Status for them.
  • An Advertiser is required to have a minimum balance of GHC10.00 (subject to change without prior notification to advertisers. You can view current pricing from the price page) before said person can upload an Campaign. Any Top-up done by an Advertiser is non-refundable but can of course withdraw at the some charges. Advertiser's image/flyer must display clearly contact details and price. Campaigns submitted are shared by Promoters on their WhatsApp Status primarily.
  • An Advertiser should note that Campaigns submitted to the platform is subject to review by the BlowApp team before approved to display on the platform to Promoters. Campaigns of the following nature are prohibited and shall not be allowed to display on the platform to Promoters: Narcotics, Sex, Network Marketing, World Remit, Lotto numbers, Crypto, etc.... We reserve the right to delete said Campaigns without question.
  • Refunds are not made to any Advertiser after said person has topped up his Advertiser wallet. Advertisers are advised to always ensure their products/services to be marketed are deemed fit for public consumption, in that, they don't match any of the prohibited topics mentioned above.
  • Promoters are not obliged to join all Campaigns posted by an Advertiser. Since WhatsApp Status is a personal space for some users, they reserve the right to not post certain Campaigns, which in this case the Promoters ought to not join the said Campaign promo in the first place.
  • Any falsified proof of promotion will not be accepted. A marketer's BlowApp account may be credited for upload of falsified proofs (since crediting is automated). However, balances are subject to review and or correction before payment is issued to your chosen payment wallet on the platform. Falsified proofs include but not limited to: using Photoshop to design the proof, using another user's proof, uploading duplicate proofs, uploading distorted proof, screenshot not displaying views icons and number properly. We reserve the right to dismiss such proof/screenshots and hence deny reward to such users. If any form of such falsehood is detected, such user accounts will be suspended permanently from the site without any prior notice/warning.
  • Promoters are paid with funds from Advertisers. Hence refunds are not allowed on the platform as it goes against the code of usage of the platform. This code of usage ensures that once an Advertiser pays money for an Advert, such funds are dispersed to Promoters automatically.
  • Users of BlowApp accept that they may occassionally receive communication and or adverts from BlowApp in the form of: SMS, Emails and Push notifications. BlowApp is an Advertising platform hence most communications sent out will be geared towards Campaigns.


BlowApp rewards it's Promoters as follows depending on the WhatsApp pods they belong to:
  • Views between 1 - 50: Ghc0.01 - Ghc0.50
  • Views between 51 - 100: Ghc0.51 - Ghc1.00
  • Views between 101 - 200: Ghc1.01 - Ghc2.00

A Marketer can only request for a withdrawal after he has accumulated GHC0.00 and have spent at least days on the App. This amount is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Promoters are paid only after: they have uploaded the correct screenshot/proof that matches the Campaign promo; said screenshot is manually reviewed by BlowApp. Any falsification may result in permanent suspension from the platform.

WhatsApp Pods

A WhatsApp pod is a group of WhatsApp users who all agree to comment on and share posts created by the other members, with a goal of growth. By default, a new BlowApp user joins the Pod of 50 views. To upgrade your Pod and earn more, you must be consistent with your views for at least a week. The system will automatically upade you to the next. A user can not jump pods. From 50 you move to 100 and 200 and so forth.


As a user of BlowApp, in addition to your rewards you can earn 5% of every ad posted by the person you reffered. This can no limit. You keep earning as far as they kepp posting ads. However, this contract is void where there is any active promo running or the referred user given any special discount.


BlowApp will not be held liable for any false information provided by any user of the site as a result of negligence on the part of the user, which may cause harm to the platform or other users of the platform. Such acts my include but not limited to: using a wrong/fake mobile money number, using a wrong/fake email, city, country using fake names, etc. Your use of the platform means you agree to these terms and conditions. These terms are subject to change any time. Prior notice may or may not be given to users before any amendment is made to these terms and conditions. Kindly refrain from using the platform IF you do not agree to any of the conditions as stated.

@ 2 Aug 2020.

BlowApp is an advertising product developed by the team at Anchora Technologies Ltd.